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“Promulgating therapeutic recommendations”

The following letter, written by Dr Philip Cowen and Dr Chris Thompson, was published in the BMJ in October 1994 [this, as it happens, being mid-way through the ‘Defeat Depression … Continue reading “Promulgating therapeutic recommendations”

“Attacks on antidepressants”

As published in the Lancet, July 2014: Four-out-of-five of the authors of this ‘correspondence’ are known to have repeatedly worked  for the pharmaceutical industry and three-out-of-five are career-long  paid opinion … Continue reading “Attacks on antidepressants”

Clyde tops UK rivers for pharma pollutants

This concerning finding was reported in a number of Scotland’s newspapers on the 16th February 2022. With 1 in 5 Scots now taking antidepressants I find myself wondering how much … Continue reading Clyde tops UK rivers for pharma pollutants