May I introduce to you the ‘Bathgate Gaberlunzie’:

About a boy

This film is for Lachlan. All still images are from Avondale House, by Polmont Film credit: ‘My Childhood’ by Bill Douglas Music credit: A cover of “Something to talk about” … Continue reading About a boy

Ruins: by a ‘modern ruin’

Mavisbank: Hatton House: Gladney House: Temple of Decision: Gartincaber: Rossie Castle: Auchtavan, Glen Fearder: Barnbarroch House: Meigle steading: Jerah: Straid, Comrie: Bishopfauld, Comrie: Edmonstone Estate, Edinburgh: Amisfield Estate: Kennetpans: The … Continue reading Ruins: by a ‘modern ruin’

The pioneer and genius

This film is about Henry Salvesen who built, by hand, Scotland’s first car. Salvesen built the car for his family estate, Lathallan. Lathallan is now most ruinous. Though it still … Continue reading The pioneer and genius