True father of cinema

William Friese-Greene (1855 – 1921) was a prolific English inventor and professional photographer. He is known mainly as a pioneer in the field of motion pictures, having devised a series … Continue reading True father of cinema


I have been exploring the archives of the Glasgow School of Art. In doing so I have come across an uncelbrated pioneer photographer. Duncan Brown [1819-1897] was a pioneer amateur … Continue reading UPROOTED

Restoration Project: Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom

Please might you support Emma Rennie in the restoration of this Callanish Blackhouse as a Tearoom. Full details can be found here. In the summer of 2008, as a family, … Continue reading Restoration Project: Callanish Blackhouse Tearoom

‘Scotland’s Photograph Album’

On Friday, 22nd November 2019, I visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh to view the ‘MacKinnon Collection‘. Here are a few of the photographs: