as if it were the only thing

Yesterday, with Sian and a Baird cousin from Rhode Island, we visited Drumdruills. Florence, who has been ‘Custodian’ of this farm and orchard for over 40 years now, was so … Continue reading as if it were the only thing

The Fleuron

Monday past was unseasonably mild. On this day I pedalled my bike back to the Wharry glen [the place of my earliest memory]. On a stone, in the middle of … Continue reading The Fleuron

Strathearn Engineering

I am so glad to have entrusted my 1959 [Series 2] Land Rover to Strathearn Engineering. Brian, from Strathearn Engineering, has been working on my Land Rover over the last … Continue reading Strathearn Engineering

[Series II]

My grandfather, Rab Scott, was an orchardman. Rab was well known across Scotland. He drove a Series II Land Rover. I loved my grandfather. He was like a father to … Continue reading [Series II]