The Sisters’ Garden

This photograph makes me smile. The Matron looks fierce but the Sisters’ as bonny as the flowers that they are tending! The exact location of the Sisters’ Garden has been … Continue reading The Sisters’ Garden

Teddy bears: from their window

‘A lover of the wayside flower’

A few weeks before the ‘lockdown’ I visited the cemetery in Tillicoultry.  At this date none of us were sure that a pandemic was unfolding: unknowing of our immediate future … Continue reading ‘A lover of the wayside flower’


A selection of neighbourhood and newspaper images from yesterday and the day before:

We ignore them at our peril

This recent Audit Scotland report was considered in the BMJ: The Scotsman of the 1st August 2017 had this as the front-page story The Scotsman Editor concluded: “The nurses surveyed … Continue reading We ignore them at our peril