Compelling Evidence

The Expert told Parliament that there is “compelling evidence” for long-term treatment with antidepressants. This the Expert said is “maintenance treatment”.[1] The Expert told Parliament: “Depression is under-treated across the … Continue reading Compelling Evidence

The Royal College of Psychiatrists and sunshine: ‘Gordon Bennett’!

I recently shared what was not redacted from the 300 page response of a ‘Subject Access’ inquiry that I made to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. This response reveals that … Continue reading The Royal College of Psychiatrists and sunshine: ‘Gordon Bennett’!

“A fantastic insight”

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh have recently made available: It was signed over 450 years ago and predates the Geneva convention by over 300 years: I am not … Continue reading “A fantastic insight”

The Narrative Controllers

Science is important to us all. This post is an attempt to explore some of the broad issues that we need to consider to ensure scientific integrity. Science is more … Continue reading The Narrative Controllers