Behind the graph lie a million stories

This film is for Raymond Tallis, Eric Matthews and Patrick Geddes. This is a short film that considers the so-called “two culture” divide between the Arts and the Sciences. The … Continue reading Behind the graph lie a million stories

The castle of oblivion

Feddal castle by Braco was demolished in 1953. In 1900 the old Feddal castle was replaced with a Gothic revival construction. But it had a short life. A serious fire … Continue reading The castle of oblivion

Habitually made marginal comments

Filmed at the abandoned farm of Bishopsfaulds, near Comrie. Words: by me and some ‘borrowed’ from Liz Lochhead Music credit: ‘The lost Prince’ – Adrian Johnston (2003)

The gateway to Saturdays [removed]

This short film is about Carnock House, near Airth. Carnock House was demolished in 1938. Only its old oak door survives. Actually the old oak door was taken from the … Continue reading The gateway to Saturdays [removed]

Rachel Gordon of Abergeldy

With the death of Peter, the thirteenth laird of Abergeldy, in 1819 the entrail took a knights-shift. Peter had no son and heir to leave his estate, and so it … Continue reading Rachel Gordon of Abergeldy