This film is based on thoughts put into writing by Hilary Mantel. Credits: [1] Reith Lecture by Hilary Mantel: BBC Reith lecture 2017 [2] Mantel Pieces – by Hilary Mantel … Continue reading Mantlepieces

dismantled me, most wonderfully

Hilary Mantel’s essays/reviews/critiques dismantled me, most wonderfully. In my grandfather’s orchard invoice book, Alexander McCall Smith wrote: ‘we had an idea too!’

page 10

The foot of page 10 of MANTEL PIECES [slighted edited] by Hilary Mantel 

I am a severed head

I recently read an article about Iris Murdoch in the London Review of Books by Colin Burrow. I found it most thoughtful. Today, many in the profession of medicine associate … Continue reading I am a severed head