Din-raisin wi’ Donald

Finding Scotland’s Rural Past in the Footprints of Smugglers Written by Dr Peter J. Gordon, Sunday 20th January 2008 Published in the Leopard magazine, February 2008 Scotland’s Rural Past (SRP) … Continue reading Din-raisin wi’ Donald

Dwine’t awa an Deid

Chapter 1 of ‘Deeside Tales: the stories of a small glen’: Dwine’t awa an Deid The Highland Clearance – we know the history; and why should it be any different … Continue reading Dwine’t awa an Deid

Lochnagar: stoneballs

Chapter 9 of ‘Deeside Tales: the stories of a small glen’ This chapter, let me say at outset, carries neither political correctness nor respect of authority. You see whisky, Deeside, … Continue reading Lochnagar: stoneballs