“Just a word”

In an official Medical Society Blog the following words were recently used in response to thoughts that I had submitted on a medical subject.  These singular words were put in inverted … Continue reading “Just a word”

We are far more than our labels

“National Improvement” work for older people has focused on Frailty and in NHS Scotland we are reminded by healthcare Improvement Scotland to “THINK frailty” This short film is based on … Continue reading We are far more than our labels

Survives as a pair of Gate-posts

Next time you got to Edinburgh Zoo with your children or grandchildren stop at the entrance gates and look up. You will see a pair of Falcons. This film is … Continue reading Survives as a pair of Gate-posts

Bathwater and the baby

Response to the Editorial: The ‘continuum of psychosis’: scientifically unproven and clinically impractical.The British Journal of Psychiatry (2010) 197, 423-425 This response was published  in the Br J Psychiatry This … Continue reading Bathwater and the baby