Poems on the Carron valley

Falkirk Herald, 1 June 1871: Kirkintilloch Gazette, 11 October 1902:

Surely you knew!

When looking through old newspapers I came across this Quiz in an edition of the Kirkintilloch Gazette from the year 1958. The first two answers were: (1) Muckle Flugga (2) … Continue reading Surely you knew!

‘The sweetest and most lasting of perfumes’

When I came across this Victorian advertisement – in the Kirkintilloch Gazette – for “PETAL DUST [as suplied to the Queen]” my mind immediately returned to Rachel [as a child] … Continue reading ‘The sweetest and most lasting of perfumes’

‘The latest estimate’

For a film that I am currently making I have been reading through old copies of the Kirkintilloch Gazette and came across this, most confident reassurance, published in March 1903: … Continue reading ‘The latest estimate’