Revolutionary Road

A few extracts from ‘Revolutionary Road’ by Richard Yates:

For some, candour need not be a “duty”

On the 1st April 2018 Duty of Candour Regulations will come into force in Scotland: The Scottish Press has reported this. Here is one such headline: However this headline is … Continue reading For some, candour need not be a “duty”

Quality Improvement and ethics

Response by Dr Sian F Gordon and Dr Peter J Gordon, 4 June 2017 This Acute Perspective by Dr David Oliver has our interest, in part because we all embarked … Continue reading Quality Improvement and ethics

A tall, slightly stooping, gaunt figure

  Dr Robert Hutchison died in 1960, seven years before I was born. However, his appearance as depicted in the portrait (above) reminds me of Roald Dahl. One of his closest … Continue reading A tall, slightly stooping, gaunt figure

Reductionism – truly, madly, deeply

On Friday the 25th of November 2016 I gave a talk for the Scottish Philosophy and Psychiatry Special Interest Group. My subject was “Improvement Science”. The following is based on the slides and … Continue reading Reductionism – truly, madly, deeply