Interior of others

I made this film more than 3 years ago about a house and it’s interior. Eastend House, Thankerton. The images in this film of Eastend House  are not my own. … Continue reading Interior of others

Death of Montrose.

The Book of Scottish Anecdotes says this about the death of Montrose: Two years ago I visited the Yew tree where Montrose spent his second last night in hiding. I … Continue reading Death of Montrose.

In the middle of the Yew

My fascination with Yew trees has neither a beginning nor an end.  

Reminiscent of a circus procession of elephants

This is the Yew hedge at Rockingham castle, Northants, as photographed in the 1930s. It looks wonderfully like a circus procession of elephants. [In future posts I am going to … Continue reading Reminiscent of a circus procession of elephants