A headline and subtitle from the Scotsman, 29 March 2021. [I struggle to find identity, meaning  and all that is important to me in ‘BIG BRANDS NAMES’]

Only one copy found a purchaser

In this old article, Dr Bulloch describes the great difficulty he had in finding the only copy of a book written by Captain Peter Gordon: Captain Peter Gordon  features in … Continue reading Only one copy found a purchaser

In a Name

“So fuck that. Fuck Normal” said one of today’s finest Scottish writers. Another Scottish writer worried “He is partially crazy, yes. He is maybe seventy-six percent crazy” Robert Louis Stevenson … Continue reading In a Name

Correction Wynd

My view is that to go forwards one really has to appreciate backwards. [The film is about identity – can it be found in a name – and questions what belonging … Continue reading Correction Wynd