Here is a story

The following excerpts are taken from the Scotsman, 28th December 2017: Targets are based on numbers that are intrinsically accredited primacy. But numbers cannot begin to tell a story. Here is a … Continue reading Here is a story

“two-thirds of diagnoses would be given to healthy people”

This Scottish report “Adding Life to Years” is now rather old. It once asked about ageism: This week the UK National Screening Committee has expressed significant concerns about screening tests for … Continue reading “two-thirds of diagnoses would be given to healthy people”

Freedom to speak up

I am very grateful to the Scottish Government for replying to me on behalf of Jamie Hepburn, MSP, Minister for Sport, Health Improvement and Mental Health. Below you will find … Continue reading Freedom to speak up

Alzheimer Scotland: in a “muddle”?

My previous post was about the latest Alzheimer Scotland “campaign”: Let’s talk about dementia which was launched this month:   I sent my post to Alzheimer Scotland and to a … Continue reading Alzheimer Scotland: in a “muddle”?