grave full of years

Here in Radical Park where the unemployed were once employed: semi-circular panels in spandrels still rise up into an arch. Father-to-son, until 1902 ballads foretold that the Celtic Graemes would ‘never … Continue reading grave full of years


I visited Inchbrakie, near Crieff on the 17th December 2018. It was a damp and dreich day in a remote part of my country but I somehow felt history all … Continue reading Inchbrakie

Doctor, why are you striding about there?

My recent wanderings at Inchbrakie returned me to Newton of Condie. For me, now in late 2018, this was a timely re-acquaintance. Laurence Oliphant of Condie [as described in 1831]: … Continue reading Doctor, why are you striding about there?

‘Lady Green Sleeves’

I recently visited what survives of Inchbrakie, near Crieff. This was the centuries auld hame of the Graeme family until the ‘modern’ mansion house was sold in 1882 – only … Continue reading ‘Lady Green Sleeves’