I would suggest that these hints matter today as much as any time in history:

He talks about the whole landscape

A few photographs taken at Edinburgh Botanic Gardens on Sunday 2nd September 2018 and a gathered posie of word-flowers of others.:

But all the biosciences yield to biofiction

In my reading I collect ideas as “marginalia“. What follows are the words of others, including: Richard Holloway, Anne Tyler, Will Self, Tomas Tranströmer, Thomas Mann, Albert Camus, Julian Barnes, … Continue reading But all the biosciences yield to biofiction

A selection of a selection of a selection

I am very much looking forward to the Edinburgh International Book Festival in August. I am going to try and book for the following:

Epitome of current medical literature

This film takes as its title the opening section of the British Medical Journal of the last century. The idea behind this film is to question what may be considered … Continue reading Epitome of current medical literature

Gavin Francis: ‘incorrigibly plural’

Volume 11, Number 4 of the Scottish Review of Books carried my interest throughout. The interview with Gavin Francis was one of a number of highlights. At a recent medical … Continue reading Gavin Francis: ‘incorrigibly plural’

“Can’t – won’t – no point”

This article published in the London Review of Books by Dr Gavin Francis has generated much discussion: This BMJ poll asked about the ethics of NHS England’s approach: Professor June … Continue reading “Can’t – won’t – no point”

Cash for dementia

Today a friend of mine sent me a copy of this article by Dr Gavin Francis: Professor June Andrews of the Dementia Development Centre gave this published reply:   Dr Francis … Continue reading Cash for dementia