‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Alexander Brodie was a most talented sculptor. He died 100 years before I was born. He is buried not far from my great-great-great grandfather in St Clement’s Churchyard, Footdee. This … Continue reading ‘It is said that he had 3 years’ work in his studio’

Captain Phillips

A friend from Australia, aware of my interest in Johnston Shearer, the pioneer Scottish Photographer, recently sent me this photograph of Captain Phillips as taken in 1870 at 242 Union … Continue reading Captain Phillips

Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master

Captain Alexander Morrison: Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master By Dr Peter J. Gordon, written 13th March 2007 Published in The Leopard magazuine. Having spent much of my life in Aberdeen my … Continue reading Fittie’s Tragic Harbour Master

Wolf McAndrew – Lynvaig

Chapter 6 of ‘Deeside Tales’: Wolf McAndrew – Lynvaig  It was a curious yet stirring dream. It all started at the Cosh with a vintage car rally of which I … Continue reading Wolf McAndrew – Lynvaig