The other record shop

The other record shop: To play this film please click here. Overall credit: Mayflies – by Andrew O’ Hagan Clip credit: MAYFLIES [episode 2] – BBC Scotland Music credit: Queen … Continue reading The other record shop

two ragged soldiers

This is a short film with some images from the east of Scotland. I explored with my friend Ian and we visited many places, including Fishtown of Usan, St Skae, … Continue reading two ragged soldiers

With nothing but the eye

With nothing but the eye: A film based on photographs by Ian Collins. To play this film please click here or on the image above.

Dr John Flaxman: Sapere Aude

Dr John Flaxman is a lad of pairts, a man of the north, and of all people.Time has forgotten how long Dr Flaxman has been corresponding with the hunched pharmacist. ‘Being … Continue reading Dr John Flaxman: Sapere Aude