Canto 2

The following short films by Peter are about poets and poetry [please click on each image to play a different film]: Balansnummer [a protest poem]: I have written my heart … Continue reading Canto 2

“Wake-up call for British Psychiatry”

This “Special Article” was published in the British Journal of Psychiatry in July 2008. No other article in the history of the journal has had more responses. A few years … Continue reading “Wake-up call for British Psychiatry”

A stolen tortoise

The genial doctor and poet, Femi Oyebode. This is a film that has several layers. It questions whether technology – “the scientific revolution” – may have made us all rush … Continue reading A stolen tortoise

Left wide awake

This is the transcript of a short film I made in late May 2011 called ‘AWOKEN‘: It forms the summarised reply by me to Wake-up call for British Psychiatry written … Continue reading Left wide awake