“It is time to drive the stake into its misbegotten heart”

In a recent perspective published in the Psychiatric Times, Ronald Pies, MD, said Ronald Pies, MD, Editor-in-Chief Emeriti for the Psychiatric Times, continued: This perspective is developed under the following … Continue reading “It is time to drive the stake into its misbegotten heart”

Mrs Crudelius

Some years ago, in the archive of the The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland, I came across a photograph of a tombstone with two angels … Continue reading Mrs Crudelius

Two days with medical students

The President and Vice President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists have publicly shared their appreciation of Professor Daniel Smith’s contribution to two days of teaching with Scottish medical students. … Continue reading Two days with medical students

“The Law of the Few”

Malcolm Gladwell in his book ‘The Tipping Point’ describes what he terms “The Law of the Few”: namely that the influence of a few people can result in change in … Continue reading “The Law of the Few”

Freedom of Information Requests

Freedom of Information Requests have been made to all 14 NHS Boards in Scotland. The requests asks for Register of payments from pharmaceutical companies to NHS staff. Requests are currently … Continue reading Freedom of Information Requests

Confusion is everywhere

Published as a BMJ letter January 2013: It seems that there is an awful lot of confusion about. It also seems to be the prevailing impression that it is our … Continue reading Confusion is everywhere