“Fawn velour hat”

William Slater from Bradford, was aged 21 years when this mug-shot was taken. He was clearly a smooth operator – as the following Police Gazette appeal for information on his … Continue reading “Fawn velour hat”

I had me good eye on ya the whole time!

I have been able to find diddly-squat about ‘John Moir’. I would suggest we follow the example of Alexander Mccall Smith and make-up a story for ‘eye-patch John’! I wonder … Continue reading I had me good eye on ya the whole time!

“A public nuisance”

It is my view that Helen Nicholson was not a “rogue” but a victim. I have not been able to find out when she died or what happened to her … Continue reading “A public nuisance”

“A respectable looking man”

Duncan Paton looks most respectable in this mugshot. So much so that I felt compelled to try and find out more about him and the life that he had lived. … Continue reading “A respectable looking man”