Going off antidepressants – take time to quit

This is a transcription of a Radio New Zealand (RNZ), interview with Professor David Taylor, Director of Pharmacy and Pathology at the Maudsley Hospital in London. Professor Taylor is a … Continue reading Going off antidepressants – take time to quit

Ketamine: “lost in translation?”

Last month I shared a BMJ Editorial on Ketamine by Dr Sameer Jauhar and Dr Paul Morrison. Since then there have been a number of published BMJ responses and replies. … Continue reading Ketamine: “lost in translation?”

Lesson of the week

This was the lesson of the week as published in the BMJ, June 2002:

Ten years ago

In my previous post I shared an article describing Dr Ladislav Haskovec’s recognition of akathisia in 1901. Akathisia is the truly horrid condition that causes unremitting restlessness, fear, terror and … Continue reading Ten years ago