I have visited my ‘fair share’ of mausolea. More often than not I have found these ‘resting places’ to  have become neglected, vandalised and desecrated. A place where the very … Continue reading mausoleum

The summit of Ben Nevis

Reached by these three gentleman sometime between 1882 and 1898. [Image credit: CANMORE] LINDERTIS: Please click on image above to play a short film


A film about Castle Newe, Strathdon. This film is dedicated to Bettine Forbes and is given with love by three teddy bears holding paws together: Hale Bopp, Aloysius and Paddington. … Continue reading NEWE

What story might you create: Skeldon House Lodge

I have always been drawn to gates and openings. I am sure that I am not alone in feeling the thrill of the landscape’s invite: the approach, the anticipation of … Continue reading What story might you create: Skeldon House Lodge