He wore his life on his skin

This short film fuses reality with fiction, as based on ‘A Little Life’ by Hanya Yanagihara. The film begins with Dua Lipa introducing the Booker Prize, 2022: He wore his … Continue reading He wore his life on his skin


A few weeks ago I lost my wallet on the train home from Bannockburn. Tuesday, 29th March 2022, I collected my lost Wallet from Queen Street Station: GLANCE: To watch … Continue reading glance


This is a description of the Vasili Andreyevich Brekhunov a character in Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Master and Man’ [the description is given by George Saunders] George Saunders concluded his take of … Continue reading Vasili

But to repeat

From Stories We Tell Ourselves by Richard Holloway.