A Big Burd

This description of the burial of Mrs Burd of Ford comes from the ‘Book of Scottish Anecdote’. A Scotch Ell was just over 37 inches, so the coffin was both … Continue reading A Big Burd

He spoke like a torrent

Historians of the past have recorded that Reverend Alexander Peden [1626-1686] used to preach from Peden’s Mount on the Water of Tig in South Ayrshire. Music credit: a Motet by … Continue reading He spoke like a torrent

60 days for begging

This film is about Henry Ewing Talbot (1911-1983). He was known as ‘Snibs’. For the last three decades of his life he lived in Bennane cave in South Ayrshire. A … Continue reading 60 days for begging

A day out with . . .

Yesterday I had a lovely day out with my mum and my older sister. The sun was shining and we followed the coastal route to North Berwick. It was braw … Continue reading A day out with . . .