The Blue Afternoon

I have just read this novel by William Boyd. It reminds me of “In another light” by Andrew Greig.   Quotes selected by Peter from “The Blue Afternoon” by William … Continue reading The Blue Afternoon

Driving the wrong way through history

Mr Magoo and Brideshead Revisited: now that is a strange combination! Almost as mad as myopia and dynamite when put together! This film is about Charles Brand Ltd, Dundee. This company … Continue reading Driving the wrong way through history


A film about McCaig’s unfinished tower above Oban: a “southern elsewhere” that has become iconic for Oban. Omphalos from omphalos This film explores identity: small “I” and big “I”. The film also explores … Continue reading Omphalos

A Modern Ruin

The ruin of St Peter’s Seminary has been in the news. This given the Hinterland event of music and lighting: In December 2013 I visited St Peter’s Seminary. I found it … Continue reading A Modern Ruin