“reintegrate into daily life”

This photograph was shared on social media by a trainee psychiatrist who is attending the 2019 International Congress of the Royal College of Psychiatrists [#RCPsychIC] The trainee psychiatrist added this … Continue reading “reintegrate into daily life”

Lesson of the week

This was the lesson of the week as published in the BMJ, June 2002:

Ten years ago

In my previous post I shared an article describing Dr Ladislav Haskovec’s recognition of akathisia in 1901. Akathisia is the truly horrid condition that causes unremitting restlessness, fear, terror and … Continue reading Ten years ago


Almost two decades ago the British Journal of Psychiatry included an interesting account about Akathisia to mark the hundredth anniversary of its recognition as a very serious, dangerous and unpleasant … Continue reading Akathisia

“The pharmaceutical industry has successfully promoted the use of alternatives”

This study was published on the 28 February 2019 in the British Journal of Psychiatry. It is open access: Given my longstanding interest in factors influencing medical education in NHS … Continue reading “The pharmaceutical industry has successfully promoted the use of alternatives”

What you need to know

1 in 7 Scots are on an antidepressant. Some Scottish academics have argued that this is “appropriate prescribing” for “recurrent” and “chronic” conditions. Antipsychotic prescribing, in all age-groups, has risen … Continue reading What you need to know

Lurasidone – “Special Article”

I noticed this “Special Article” published in the October edition of the British Journal of Psychiatry. It details a novel antipsychotic medication called Lurasidone  (trade name Latuda): I would anticipate … Continue reading Lurasidone – “Special Article”

Haloperidol in Scotland

At the start of November 2014 I wrote to all 14 regional NHS Boards in Scotland regarding the prescribing of the antipsychotic medication generically called HALOPERIDOL. The 14 regional NHS Boards are responsible … Continue reading Haloperidol in Scotland

“Truth telling and dementia”

Alistair Burns, National Clinical Director for Dementia, has arranged a meeting for the 5th June 2013 to discuss the diagnosis of dementia as much debated of late in the BMJ. … Continue reading “Truth telling and dementia”