Amateur Cine Enthusiast

Somehow, my life has become traversing many bridges between the Arts and the Sciences. Sian holds my hand as we cross these rivers of light. Amateur Cine Enthusiast [Cimbrone edit]: … Continue reading Amateur Cine Enthusiast

Alive in the river of light

Peter’s films about rivers and streams [please click on each image to play a different film]: The brig that spans the Wharry: Lycidas [Lendalfoot]: The Devil’s pulpit: He spoke like … Continue reading Alive in the river of light

Those summers in Argyll

On Tuesday 14 March 2018 I set off on a trip through Argyll. It was a beautiful day. Argyll was my special childhood place. I passed by the old Lochearnhead … Continue reading Those summers in Argyll


From the Tower of Glenstrae, Granny used to take her grandchildren to Stronmilchan for picnics:   The little things that count [Stronmilchan]: To play my short film on Stronmilchan please … Continue reading Stronmilchan