In today’s Sunday Post the following open letter was shared: There was a wide range of signatories to this letter including Baroness Cumberlege who chaired the recent First Do No … Continue reading ‘HEAR OUR VOICE’

Justice must be seen to be even-handed

This is a short film about my experience of attending the Scottish Parliament on Thursday 29th June 2017. I was there to support Marion Brown in her presentation of petition … Continue reading Justice must be seen to be even-handed

The Mismatch

Time present.         It is still the case that psychological therapies are much harder to find in NHS Scotland than pharmaceutical therapies. Scottish Government figures, year on … Continue reading The Mismatch

A SUNSHINE ACT for Scotland

This is an exact transcript of a submission made 23rd August 2013 to the Public Petitions Committee of the Scottish Parliament. 1. Name of petitioner: Dr Peter J. Gordon 2. Petition title A … Continue reading A SUNSHINE ACT for Scotland