A friendship in letters

Letters, handwritten and sent by post: a way of communicating that has become more of the past than the present. The intimacy of a letter – as shared between friends … Continue reading A friendship in letters

‘There’s this shadow beside him in the painting’

Apart from the closinq quote – which is from Peter Pan – the passages  below are all from MAYFLIES by Andrew O’Hagan:


How would you share what matters to you about your closest friend ? If your best friend was represented as Figure I., and in a Text book, what would you … Continue reading EPHEMERON [Fig. I]

S u n d a y

By chance I came across this ‘dispatch notice’ in a newspaper from March 1844: Mary-S u n d a y-Thorne was from the village of Black Thorington: Mary Thorne was … Continue reading S u n d a y