Professional confusion

Like all those involved in healthcare I take delirium very seriously. I share in the collective determination to improve our approach, understanding and care of those experiencing this serious condition. To … Continue reading Professional confusion

Early detection: “We need critical thinking”

The following analysis: “Surge in publications on early detection” was recently published in the BMJ. The authors concluded that “we need more critical thinking and more studies that specifically target both … Continue reading Early detection: “We need critical thinking”

Yellow socks and handstands

There is a lot of effort in NHS Scotland to raise awareness amongst healthcare staff about delirium, using statements like this: Delirium is a very complex state and it is … Continue reading Yellow socks and handstands

Re-labelling (and a bit)

I read this book recently: This book reminded my of a protocol issued by an NHS Board in Scotland: As a doctor who tries his best to follow evidence-based medicine, … Continue reading Re-labelling (and a bit)

Haloperidol prescribing to Scotland’s elders

In a previous post the FOI returns on Haloperidol prescribing in NHS Scotland were shared.  This followed on from my consideration of a BMJ report regarding the scale and potential … Continue reading Haloperidol prescribing to Scotland’s elders

Validation of an OPAC delirium tool

In this post I wish to explore validation of one of the tools recommended by Healthcare Improvement Scotland to identify delirium in acute hospital. The website for the 4AT can … Continue reading Validation of an OPAC delirium tool

“OPAC tools are working”

It is over a year since I last wrote about delirium. Being aware that the new Care Standards for older people in hospital were to be published this month I … Continue reading “OPAC tools are working”

The ethical management of forgetfulness

Consent “Obtaining consent should be an ethical duty first and foremost, one central to respecting the autonomy and dignity of patients”[39] Informed consent is crucial for patients but it is … Continue reading The ethical management of forgetfulness

The faltering, unfaltering steps

INTRODUCTION: “Sensitive to the faltering steps of age”[1] In what follows I will attempt to explore many of the issues around the experience of confusion in those people 65 years … Continue reading The faltering, unfaltering steps