Mossgrove Christmas

The week before Christmas: Andrew and Charlotte: Andrew and Rachel with their Granny: Our dear neighbour: The King: Abergeldie silver: Big Ted: A clock [broken as requested!] from Rachel: One … Continue reading Mossgrove Christmas

Among big men, he was a giant

Doddie Weir’s last Murrayfield appearance was on 13th November 2022. With family by his side he brought the rugby ball onto the pitch for the team. The Murrayfield roar that … Continue reading Among big men, he was a giant

space – body – other – time

On Friday last, Sian’s cousin Kelly arrived in Scotland with her friend Hannah. Nearly 30 years had passed since Sian had last met her cousin [at the wedding of Peter … Continue reading space – body – other – time

They fell for us

These short films by Peter recall those who fell for us in War [please click on each image to play a different short film]. Between two black lines in the … Continue reading They fell for us