Dr Samei Huda

What follows is an archive of some of the contributions made to social media by the author of “The Medical Model in Mental Health” which was published in May 2019. The full and necessary context for all of these contributions can be found on the author’s twitter timeline @SameiHuda where the following is made clear: “Views my own & not my employer” and “RT not agreement/ endorsement.” The GMC Register confirms that Dr Samei Huda is registered and licensed to practise and that his GMC Responsible Officer is Dr Henry Ticehurst, Consultant Psychiatrists and Medical Director and Deputy Chief Executive (joint) for Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

This archive – which appears to present a pattern of language – has been shared for one reason alone: to encourage respectful and constructive communications by all. Dr Samei Huda has reminded his social media followers to be wary of those who “make up stuff that I am supposed to have said”.

In December of 2018 The Royal College of Psychiatrists and the British Psychological Society came together to confirm a common set of ideals and principles. These were published in the Lancet and included the principle that “good debate” should be “respectful and constructive”.

A reminder of the full set of Royal College of Psychiatrists values:

Dr Kate Lovett, the Current Dean for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, shared this advice on the 5th January 2020: “The General Medical Council are the medical regulator and have clear guidelines re use of social media. Most employers also have policies they require employees to abide by.”

The following has been divided into two sections:

  1. Section ONE: Dr Samei Huda in his own words
  2. Section TWO: Comments about Dr Samei Huda’s behaviour and language
[please note Dr Huda continues to have the full support of his employers, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and the General Medical Council and is regularly retweeted by Professor Wendy Burn, President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists]

Section One: Dr Samei Huda in his own words

The following statements have all been made openly on social media by Dr Huda.

“Why some people can never admit they’re wrong: certainly applies to [———— and ————-]”

“I suspect many of them still want power and sell books as motivation for their anti psychiatry”

“When professionals participate in guild warfare it’s usually in their own self interest”

“I hope you aren’t falling for [————-‘s] guild war proposals’”

The Division of Clinical Psychology is waging “a war on psychiatry [and is] run by zealots [playing] fast and loose with the evidence”

The Division of Clinical Psychology “[initials stand for] Don’t Care for Probity”

The British Psychological Society monthly journal “[a] smug bullshit masquerading as wisdom not worthy of a sixth form magazine” [and added] “do the pages stick together I wonder?”

“Every day I do my job and help my patients is a big FU to [————–, ———— and ————-]”

“I bet [————] views go down like a turd in one’s margarita as far as the team are concerned”

6 January 2018 “My ‘problem’ is I don’t take the authority of some antipsychiatry psychologist or critical psychiatrist and accept their misinterpretations – I rely on the evidence of the research and what patients say. I don’t accept their claims of virtue – I judge virtue on action”

8 January 2018 “Said it before and I will say it again I’ve stopped asking why some people take an irrational hatred towards me”

30 December 2018 “Yup I am at it again – spreading accurate information Something that is anathema to some”

9 February 2018 “I’m against people abusing a complaints process by powerful professionals whose grievance is that they disagree with someone criticising their views – one of the basis of professional practice is to be able to have your ideas criticised”

27 February 2018 [1 in 5 Scots on antidepressants 1 in 7 in England] “Actually the rise isn’t because people are struggling to get off but because doctors are following the evidence which shows that antidepressants prevent relapse which is common in depression”

27 February 2018 “Psychiatrists who belong to critical psychiatry tradition do so because of conceptual and/or empirical confusion. It’s also a lucrative avenue to selling books”

27 February 2018 “. . . they seem to rely on ignorance”

15 July 2018 “[———-] shows an inability to interpret evidence . . .”

8 September 2018 “So in my week of trying to avoid arguments on Twitter I’ve managed it for one day”

1 November 2018 “The fragileness of people’s arguments is demonstrated by their calling any disagreement ‘rudeness’”

8 October 2018 “Biased and selective with the evidence designed to mislead people. Better to avoid this book”

8 October 2018 “One amongst many reasons his advice to psychiatry is rubbish because it is biased and based on a false conception of psychiatry”

21 October 2018 [in response to a tweet that asked define an established school of thought]: “Almost wholly mince”

8 September 2018 “Don’t believe the propaganda. There have been studies in the US that showed psychiatry wasn’t amongst the medical specialties with highest degree of financial interest from Pharma or medical device manufacturers. A few US shrinks get vast sums but they are exception”

8 September 2018 “It is propaganda. Despite your digging you were unaware of psychiatry not being amongst the most Pharma or other industry influences medical specialty or that psychotherapists often don’t declare COI in their articles. Maybe you are now informed to take this into account?”

22 September 2018 “Yeah, considering [———–] knows less than Bonnie [a picture of his dog] about diagnosis I don’t think I will be taking his Mystic Meg predictions seriously”

4 November 2018 “Professors who incite bad feelings against people who accurately critique their research should not be in science” Professor Rob Howard replied  “They are not actually in Science at all. Sad to see the tactics” [Professor Howard goes on to compare this Professor to President Donald Trump]

3 Dec 2018 [in retweeting ‘In Our Time: how did the Pope become infallible?’ “by listening to me and agreeing with everything I said #simples” [humour]

4 December 2018 “It’s lucky you are in Ireland as you clearly missed joint Royal College of Psychiatrists and British Psychological Society guidelines on respectful debating. Bye”

6 December 2018 “It’s weird I’m a nobody not important yet I seem to attract much opprobrium from white antipsychiatry professionals. Wonder why? It’s possible that because I’m not very important or prominent I’m easy to target to try to get into trouble. Or maybe I’m uppity?

6 December 2018 “If you find my tweets offensive just mute or block me” [Note: this does not stop the public viewing them. I have collected these tweets as somebody who is not on twitter]

9 December 2018 “’Samei spend more time on twitter.’ Said nobody. Ever.”

11 December 2018 “If you don’t want to be associated with Scientology then don’t associate with Scientology”

13 December 2018 [on a Letter published in the Lancet] “Purpose, humility, civility and science – A thread on how this letter fails on all four counts and signatories buttered parsnips pointless they need to take actions to mend their ways”

16 December 2018 “Psychiatry is under Pharma’s influence? Compared to other medical specialties its well down the list [as shared from the ‘Real Psychiatry’ blog of Dr George Dawson MD] Dr George Dawson MD replies “Never was important . . .”

17 November 2018 “Those with strong arguments have nothing to fear from open discussion. It is those with weak arguments or bad intentions that seek to silence opposing viewpoints”

21 December 2018 “There’s no progress [for ————] at best stagnation but more often regression. No chance of progress whilst it refuses to listen to honest criticism”

22 December 2018 “[—————] wouldn’t recognise a good philosophical argument even if it were a T-shirt saying ‘good philosophical argument’ whilst tap-dancing ‘I’m a good philosophical argument”

22 December 2018 “. . . . It’s a pity your brain finds truth so uninteresting but would explain why you believe and express so much falsehood. . .”

22 December 2018 [this statement was made about a Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatrists] “[————] only makes sense to those who don’t really know about mental health and particularly about psychiatric diagnoses”

22 December 2018 “[———–] seems to involve deference to authority and an inability to recognise better arguments”

23 December 2018 “This is hilariously untrue. [———– and ———–] don’t do much quantitative research. [———– and ———–] do lots of studies involving looking at data – often in methodically flawed ways with skewed conclusions. Don’t buy the ‘we are persecuted mantra’”

31 December 2018 “Neither [——— nor ———-] are proper experts on [—————] – they are too hamstrung by their ideological chains to give a fair evaluation of the evidence. They may be eminent but lack the open mind to be real experts”


1 January 2019 “What’s interesting about Twitter is it flattens hierarchies – one subtle example is how jobbing clinicians like myself can directly question academics and those who get to publish papers – and show that they are often talking mince”

3 January 2019 “This is the kind of garbage from [—————–] which undermines his credibility as an expert. He’s pushing this line to sell books and get fans

3 January 2019 [two labelled t-shirts side-by-side] [T-shirt one states in capitals ‘LEADING SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHIATRST’ and T-shirt two, in lower case ‘I’m just an uppity nobody – please don’t report me”] These images are shared with this statement: “The duality of man”

4 January 2019 “Who needs citations when experts with conflicts of interest (often undeclared) can just tell you something so? . . .

8 January 2019 “…. the ‘evidence’ in Mad in America is mostly junk quality anyway” .

19 January 2019 “You cannot make it up – Gotszche in an interview with the BMJ says his idea for his Institute came from Peter Breggin who’s pretty keen on selective and misleading accounts of evidence. Gotszche claims he wants honesty and integrity but didn’t declare his COI for the Maudsley debate

21 January 2019 “[————-] seems to have a problem with accuracy (amongst many other problems)”

21 January 2019 “. . . he was incorrect but I guess that’s the [———– test]  –  if [————] agrees with a statement it is usually wrong”

21 January 2019 [to an American psychiatrist] “Man who spends thread making factually incorrect statements interprets the truth as being defensive – I won’t swear merely point out he’s no Solzhenitsyn just wrong”

22 January 2019 “I don’t waste my time making complaints to employers trying to get people into trouble like the people who think they have superior values to me do”

22 January 2019 “When people who disagree with me but find my empirical and conceptual arguments are superior to theirs who then fall back on claiming I have bad values I wonder if they ever realise it is themselves who possess bad values such as intolerance or inability to change their mind?”

26 January 2019 “Had the fun experience this week of older white male professionals trying to intimidate me to curtail my free speech on Twitter. Come up with better arguments . . .”

26 January 2019 “When professors describe accurate critique of their pronouncements as ‘harassment’” [emoticon with tongue out]

26 January 2019 “Stopped wondering why I attract hate by people justifying it on a false basis. It’s their problem . . .”

29 January 2019 “I have made several points but your mind is incapable of seeing them . . . . [————] cannot recognise truth”

29 January 2019 “Twenty years of getting it wrong – an exercise in failure”

29 January 2019 “One example of moral cowardice is going along with antipsychiatry psychology . . ”

29 January 2019 “Research on Pharma/Big business influence has shown that psychiatry is way down the list of medical specialties being influenced – by all means lets be aware of it – but remember it’s a far bigger problem in the rest of medicine and surgery; undeclared COIs also big problem in psychotherapy”

29 January 2019 “[———–] simple rule you might follow that is true is that I do know better than you . . . Good night”

30 January 2019 “Today I relearned ….  [————-] is led by people with bad values. Night everyone.”

31 January 2019 “Just another day of being insulted on Twitter. Hilariously the self-appointed morality police will be sending complaints about me whilst ignoring their own terrible behaviour”

2 February 2019 “My further conflict of interest – I try to base my statements on the best quality evidence and abhor biased or poorly evidenced statements or terrible websites like Mad in America”

6 February 2019 “Ah but [————] with your love of those antipsychiatry psychologists and antipsychiatry trolls it does seem that birds of a feather stick together”

6 February 219 “For antipsychiatrists I am that most heinous of people to them DWIO – dark-skinned with informed opinion”

6 February 2019 “Ah [———–] with his aggression clearly on show this time. Just make unevidenced statements too. No wonder he is friendly with antipsychiatry trolls. By the way you are usually wrong”

7 February 2019 “Stupidity from [————] . . . The indictment is of [————] and it’s intellectual inability to grasp simple facts”

9 February 2019 “You attacked me for objecting to the use of complaints to silence criticism. They should practice tolerance and improving ideas . . . Muting your account byeee”

9 February 2019 “There seems to be a trend to attack people who are the ones adversely affected by unacceptable behaviour”

9 February 2019 “This clearly the official spin about open constructive debate whilst ignoring measures to suppress critique”

9 February 2019 “I have nothing to learn from baseless complaints . . .”

14 February 2019 “Arguments from ignorance, generalising the particular, misleading interpretations, commission of crucial information, lack of context given with the rest of medicine, undeclared COIs etc are not scientifically sound arguments except to those who want to believe”

10 Feb 2019 “Truly awful article by [———– and ————] a lot of arguing from ignorance”

4 March 2019 “An example of how biased [————] is here’s an example of a desperately poor paper he wrote . . . it’s part of the professional tradition for some that they are allowed to write whatever they want according  to their prejudices”

7 March 2019 “Yes bravery is important but [———–] is not brave he’s simply an ideologue – and also accurate language is also important . . .”

12 March 2019 “[———–] lacks any discernible critical skills . . . “

13 March 2019 [in relation to the media report of a systematic review into antidepressant withdrawal] “Maybe it’s just not that newsworthy?”

5 February 2019 “Why is [————-] so annoyed that [————-] and [————-] for [the Mental Elf blog] dismantled the [systematic review on antidepressant withdrawal] by [————- and ————–]? Doesn’t he want good science? Mind he is annoyed at me for pointing out he had not read a paper properly”

10 February 2019 “Medical doctors should know better than to threaten complaints because they don’t like the scientific evidence”

13 February 2019 “As for the term ‘pharma enmeshed’ – a lot of psychotherapy research is affected by undeclared COIs. And the paper that started this discussion by [———-] didn’t declare his COI of having an antipsychiatry meds book”

25 February 2019 “Lots of mental health research involves highly partisan interpretations of evidence or just plain misleading statements by an in crowd of academics”

19 March 2019 “ . . . the atrocious paper he recently published in Frontiers . . .”

23 March 2019 (in relation to an article on doctors and suicide) “It shows lack of empathy and psychosocial understanding for [———–] to retweet this article by [————]”

23 March 2019 “Funny how white Male Professors think its shocking being compared to a dog or Mussolini on Twitter. Try being a Muslim and see what you are called”

26 March 2019 “Anyone who follows my twitter account will know I have many ways to alienate people” [retweeted by a number of people including President Wendy Burn]

23 March 2019 “. . . pointing out your accurate knowledge of psychiatry is less than my dog does seem true . . .”

1 April 2019 “I am doing a books signing at the Royal College of Psychiatrists International Congress . . . if anyone wants me to sign a copy of The Medical Model in Mental Health”

4 April 2019 “[the] increase in prescriptions [of antidepressants] is due to use in pain, more people seeking treatment and longer duration to prevent relapse as per guidance”

4 April 2019 “Leadership is not about listening to people who make points not backed by the evidence or not giving proper context”

5 April 2019 “If only you would stick to the evidence instead of your unevidenced opinions”

17 April 2019 “If you want cowards who don’t like dissent see the antipsychiatry psychologists who make complaints to employers often anonymous to try and silence people – happens to me all the time”

20 April 2019 “Rodent behaviour does give an indication of how different substances affect motivation to take them . . .”

20 April 2019 “One thing about twitter is if I had any illusions that I was not an argumentative person they have been put to bed well and truly”

21 April 2019 “Luckily GMC and my employers are able to tell what are valid complaints and what are attempts to silence people for having a different view”

21 April 2019 “The complaints were baseless and ridiculous – it’s important to call out powerful people abusing complaints process to silence dissent”

21 April 2019 “Actually I critiqued [————-‘s] points and showed them to be worthless”

21 April 2019 “Antipsychiatrists can’t defend their poor arguments but instead attack people for pointing this out”

5 May 2019 “And I’m blocked. Good outcome as I won’t see his biased and selected citations to make his antipsychiatry points. Many of these antipsychiatry psychologists block people who point out their errors”

5 May 2019 “Notice how powerful academics decide what is decent and respectful”

6 May 2019 “The common intellectual background of #criticalpsychiatry and antipsychiatry psychology with the alt-right cruel right”

9 May 2019 “Please don’t be upset that I showed your assertions were false it’s just I happen to know [the] research better than you”

11 May 2019 “Interesting that psychiatry is far in advance of general medicine in terms of its conceptualisations of the nature of diagnostic constructs as well as how to evaluate their usefulness and whether they should be introduced”

11 May 2019 “Anyway read the books I suggested if you want an accurate account not some theory you like because it appeals to you despite its lack of correspondence to reality”

12 May 2019 “If anybody is in thrall to their ego rather than the facts you need to look in the mirror”

12 May 2019 “Wow being an uppity nobody seems to attract hate from white people all over the globe thanks to the wonder of technology”

14 May 2019 “The problem with [————–] is that it has abandoned evidenced based thinking for shoddy evidence free propaganda . . . .”

19 May 2019 [#tag of international conference] “delegates may be interested in my new book available for pre-order in North America”

23 May 2019 “’Wrong again [————]” would be the catchphrase used in response to [———–] if he was in a sitcom”

24 May 2019 “. . . to be fair they don’t understand many things not just addiction”

25 May 2019 “Yes your views are simplistic and inaccurate . . . “

25 May 2019 “And yes my view is more balanced as I base it on more accurate concepts and facts. Happy to help”

29 May 2019 “Clinical Psychology trainees looking for an accurate and useful depiction of the medical model – I have written a useful guide – available from Amazon, Waterstones and Blackwells [hyperlink to book given]

29 May 2019 [7 minutes later]  [with Amazon link] “Given the importance of the medical model in mental health and how poorly it’s understood I wrote a book to explain it and evaluate its performance”

29 May 2019 [same day] “A good starting point ….” [shared link to Amazon page for the book ‘The Medical Model in Mental Health’”]

6 June 2019 “[————-] is being disingenuous – quelle surprise – research from the US shows psychiatry is far down the list of medical specialties receiving money from pharmaceutical industry [source George Dawson MD] Also [they] forget to mention their own conflicts of interest . . .”

10 June 2019 “All very strange when people who try to bully others claim to be victims of oppression”

11 June 2019 “. . . trying my best to ignore the use of insinuation and false facts but really it would be better to bleach my eyes . . . “

12 June 2019 “When the worst thing that people can say about your argument is they don’t like the tone of your language it’s a tacit admission that your argument is strong but they cannot bear to say it openly – a reflection on their values”

12 June 2019 “Yes the person could not identify any logical fallacies. Believe me if they could they would have pointed them out”

13 June 2019 “Best feedback for my book ‘I disagree with it but I can’t identify why but we’ll be done”. . . . A twitter colleague responds “Don’t worry here is a proper review”

15 June 2019 “Of course ideologies can be inaccurate especially if based on false facts and concepts”

17 June 2019 [re next book-signing event] “Can I do it in my broadest accent at Glasgow speed? Opening line “there’s been a murder . . . of antipsychiatry psychology and #criticalpsychiatry tenets”

30 June 2019 “… the ‘calm not expressing emotion’ is something that is the hallmark of public school/elitist British and people who do express emotion are looked down upon. As a voluble Glaswegian I’m often tone policed”

4 July 2019 [quoting Prof Linda Gask] “angry clashes between professionals often cause distress to patients and/or service users”

4 July 2019 [quoting Prof Rob Poole] “I have no problem with service users criticising psychiatrists and psychiatry. I don’t think it’s a good idea for professionals to be fighting each other”

6 July 2019 [when conversing with the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry] “To listen to this body is like listening to UKIP about the EU or Muslims”

6 July 2019 “Always a pleasure to call out bad faith arguments” [followed by thumbs up emoticon]

7 July 2019 “When I tested [——–] critical appraisal skills on an awful paper [by ———–] he made basic errors due to bias”

8 July 2019 “…. It has been shown to be empirically false in my book. Starting from a falsehood led to further incorrect statements. Are they scientific/ethical enough to admit this?”

9 July 2019 “The authors need to read my book – assuming they are capable of taking on board facts that contradict their false assumptions”

9 July 2019 “…. My book addresses the same old mistakes [link provided] when the facts change I change my mind, what do you do?”

9 July 2019 “ . .  .read my book which has a detailed review of evidence. The authors are simply entrenched in their view and are not interested in things like facts”

10 July 2019 “It’s a good job my book is coming out in May so people [who] are interested in accurate depictions of psychiatry’s model and treatments there’s a good source for them”

10 July 2019 “I know I said this before but I am going to try and have less arguments on twitter”

10 July 2019 “Actually incorrect . . . on the plus side it does allow me to add to the mute list of people I’m going to lose nothing by not hearing again”

11 July 2019 “Sorry my promise to try and avoid arguments seems to have bust twitter.”

12 July 2019 “It’s the sign of a poor scientist that they wish to silence better arguments because they find them distressing”

12 July 2019 “A detailed discussion informed by evidence and accurate concepts of these issues can be found in my book”

13 July 2019 “ . . . has already made factual and conceptual errors . . . they need to read my book”

13 July 2019 “Read my book as it contains clear and factual information on psychiatry”

13 July 2019 “Sorry I know I said no arguments but when it comes to some issues I can’t stay silent”

13 July 2019 “Would explain why [————-] regard me as bullying and hectoring – they cannot bear anyone being ‘uppity’ by providing facts and better arguments . . .”

16 July 2019 “The Medical Model in Mental Health . . [link shared] now on sale in the United States”

14 July 2019 “. . . how many [————] members declare their COIs from getting royalties from writing books attacking psychiatry and psychiatric medication? . . . “

16 July 2019 The Medical Model in Mental Health . . [link shared] now on sale in the United States and Canada too!”

21 July 2019 “Critics of psychiatry seem to love ad hominem instead of an actual evidence based argument”

21 July 2019 “Well I trust my direct review of evidence based on textbooks of medicine, psychiatry, philosophy, textbooks  in nosology and health and about 1000 papers. What are your sources?”

24 July 2019 [retweeted this] “qualitative research, by definition, has big limitations”

29 July 2019 “I’ve not really argued with anyone for at least 6 hours on twitter. Well, not really”

29 July 2019 “I found your critique of the blog was awful and insulting”

30 July 2019 “The author of this piece needs to read my book [link shared]”

31 July 2019 [to national broadcaster] “Hi perhaps interview me as part of these series? You might get a more balanced accurate view than the experts you chose . . . I have written a book on [link to book]”

1 August 2019 [on a Channel 4 programme on mental health and young adults] “And did he or program mention he makes money out of books attacking psychiatry and psychiatric medication?”

3 August 2019 “Of course [————–] is projecting – it’s the professionals who criticise psychiatry who behave badly – whether its Astro-turfing antipsychiatry movements, writing misleading material or using baseless complaints to employers to silence critics”

10 Aug 2019 “. . . his lack of cogent arguments and inability to tolerate critique is all too common”

10 August 2019 “. . . put aside your fragile ego [———-] and listen to critique”

15 August 2019 “Opinion is free but facts are sacred (yes I’ve modified the statement)”

7 September 2019 “their views are largely junk”

8 September 2019 “I Know people may feel I have ‘slipped’ from tweeting about mental health because some people have painted a target on my back”

17 September 2019 “I’m sorry I broke my twitter omertà and no doubt the hater and his antipsychiatry mates are tutting away but to see the rubbish I just saw I cannot stay silent.”

25 September 2019 “Let’s put it this way I do play nice it’s the other guy who doesn’t [smiley emoticon]”

29 September 2019 “Every now and then I pick up my book and read bits and think ‘wow, I did that!'”

1 October 2019 “I’m going to try to go back to my Twitter omerta on mental health . . . it saves me harassment from the haters . . .”

6 October 2019 “It’s always amusing to see people whip themselves and others into a lather of hatred over nothing”

8 October 2019 “There’s [————–and —————-] the anthropologist who run the account of this joke organisation. The account has terrible values.”

13 October 2019 “I try to start from a position of accurate concepts and facts  . . . . my devotion to accurate facts and concepts qualifies me as a mischief maker”

17 October 2019 “Willingness to comment negatively on the Medical Model and diagnosis by Mental Health professionals seems to be in inverse correlation to knowledge about the Medical Model and diagnosis”

17 October 2019 “. . . my interest in philosophy allows me to see outside of my paradigm”

2 November 2019 “The interesting thing about Twitter is that I have learned that accurate facts and concepts will not persuade the determined”

2 November 2019 “It’s funny seeing people that are abusive and who try to silence people who disagree with them try and claim the moral high ground”

8 November 2019 ” Plenty of evidence that psychiatric medication is effective and there is an overlap in effectiveness with treatments used in general medicine. Facts eh? Pesky things.”

9 November 2019 “[to think like them] you have to fail an exam testing your ability to interpret research findings properly”

9 November 2019 “My philosophy essay is proving hard work so trying to make it a bit more enjoyable by giving someone’s argument a bit of a kicking”

9 November 2019 “It seems like ‘overly confident’ is the new ‘uppity'”

10 November 2019 “Wrong again. . . wrong again. If only they actually were good at critical thinking. The empirical evidence demonstrated they were wrong . . . .”

11 November 2019 “Antipsychiatry seems beset by conceptual confusion, empirical inaccuracies and at best white fragility and problematic behaviours and attitudes on race”

12 November 2019 “Actually the non-sense has been coming from you And when provided evidence you don’t like which contradicts your simple and false views . . .”

17 November 2019 “”Arrggghh just ignore facts again . . . . read my book properly”

20 November 2019 “I guess I don’t tend to hang around in echo chambers where any other views get shouted down. I find that it’s best for intellectual rigour.”

20 November 2019 “Trump-like attitude to the evidence [by these] authors”

24 November 2019 “making false statements as part of a guild war. I’m just calling it out when somebody puts out propaganda . . . its important to avoid propaganda”

24 November 2019: “have fun watching me get into all kinds of arguments . . . Twitter I’m getting you business”

26 November 2019 “It’s interesting that even ‘negative’ reviews of my book tacitly agree with my central points by being unable to refute them”

6 December 2019 “Now goodbye I’m off walking my dogs not indulging in Ill informed attacks on colleagues”

6 December 2019 “We all have the past but it’s our own and current behaviour that’s important”

6 December 2019 “No, I made the accurate argument that Pillshaming is often associated with the right wing”

6 December 2019 “Me: how come I get into these daft arguments on Twitter. Mute is the best Twitter function”

7 December 2019 “OMG this is so bad – misleading, plain inaccurate and biased . . . it really is terrible . . . I can only read it in short bursts before nauseau overcomes me . . . It you would get a far better idea of psychiatry and it’s treatments from my book”

11 December 2019 “It’s hilarious how [——————-] cannot process facts that contradict their prejudices”

12 December 2019 “the amount of pure rubbish put out by [————–] . . . ridiculous arguments . .”

12 December 2019 “Showing [—————] accurate facts and concepts about #psychiatry is like casting pearls before swine”

14 December 2019 “[——————] and [————] share the same viewpoint not based on accurate facts or concepts and without an accurate knowledge of medicine . . . I guess accurate facts and concepts are a virus that must be destroyed”

16 December 2019 “I try to frame mental health problems using accurate facts and concepts whereas [————–] lacks the knowledge of medicine to understand its concepts and has a guild warfare tendency to try & knock what he sees as a competitor.”

16 December 2019 “the word count limit meant I had to be terse Plus all those accurate facts and concepts can be taxing to those who are [not] used to the literature”

24 December 2019 “. . .the problem is you do not like that truth. And actually mainstream psychiatry wants all truths to come out the better to help out patients. . . .”

25 December 2019 “I know it’s Xmas but bad science knows no season – the premise of this paper by [—————-] is flawed . . . it would be interesting to know if the BMJ actually had statisticians who checked . . .”


2 January 2020 “In my book there are several Systematic Reviews discussed -you have a lot of rubbish on your book shelf I suggest you invest in a good quality book! But this blog is a start”[Dr Huda shares this: Antidepressants: benefits and harms in children and adults, 15 Feb 2016, by Samei Huda]

2 January 2020 “By the way [————-‘s] papers are often deeply flawed and of little value”

2 January 2020 “Who is your supervisor? Your behaviour is disgraceful, you are a doctor and you are not acting according to the standards of our profession”

3 January 2020: “You clearly have little idea what constitutes professional language that is true. The @BPSOfficial has a set of guidelines but they are not as strict as GMC which both [———–] and I are bound by”

4 January 2020 “What’s interesting about antipsychiatry is that they make and endorse unpleasant attacks on me including by professionals whilst falsely accusing me of being unprofessional”

5 January 2020 “It’s a typical tactic for [————–] to attack . . . Anyway going to try avoid arguments for rest of day – wish me luck”

5 January 2020 “I pity this guys clients. Guess I touched a nerve and his fragile ego can’t take it.”

5 January 2020 “Facts you don’t like is not the same as mud #protip”

5 January 2020 “I cannot change history but I can change how I behave. You on the other hand will not allow improve[ment] by denial of flaws”

7 January 2020 ” . . .some people are too biased by their antipsychiatry views to see any fault in other antipsychiatry people”

8 January 2020 “Said it before but if I am judged by the quality of my enemies then I must be rubbish”

11 January 2020 “[to———– and ————-] Just like historical crusaders you claim higher motivations but actually it’s for ‘lower’ purposes”

11 January 2020 “The reason the complaints have not been successful is because they are baseless. Any decent reflective professional would reflect that means their own idea of what is professional behaviour is clearly wrong but instead you [name redacted] persist that everyone is wrong except you & your mates”

12 January 2020 “Sadly for you my answer is based on history and pragmatic facts. Yours is based on seductive theory that does not match the facts but you probably like it.”

5 February 2020 [in relation to a letter published in the BJGP by a widow whose husband, a GP, had taken his life by suicide] “Shockingly poor letter from a therapist who seems ignorant of medicine tries to blame psych medicines for unexplained symptoms – these existed long before psych meds . . .” Followed by: “Pointing out misinformation by therapists who seem ignorant of medicine . . . the abuse one receives is one of the burdens of being a responsible professional”

5 February “It’s a typical attitude of the aggressive or bullying that they blame the target of their aggression for provoking them – muted, byee”

7 Feb 2020 “It’s funny how antispsychiatrists only pause from hate filled insults and making complaints only to accuse others of being disrespectful.” Prof Rob Howard responds: “Certainly my experience”

13 February 2020 “Except what is wrong is your conception [of the issue being discussed . . so the issue is more understanding of why you get it so wrong?]

15 February 2020 “Don’t these people ever read what they critcise? More junk promoted by [—————-]”

16 February 2020 “If you agree to abide by rules then completely flout them then don’t complain when you are punished”

16 February 2020 “You can fundamentally disagree but the evidence contradicts you”

16 February 2020 “One thing I have discovered about #antipsychiatry professionals: psychiatrists are much more self-critical than they are!”

20 February 2020 “I thought when I wrote my book pointing out the facts it might change the minds of #antipsychiatry professionals but I have since realised this was folly – it’s not about facts for them it’s about values – their values are #psychiatrybad” Professor Linda Gask responds “It’s about beliefs”

20 February 2020 “Apart from being conceptually and factually inaccurate . . note the propaganda language by [————–] . . . patients deserve better than this ill-informed hogwash”

21 February 2020 “Sadly insomnia has exposed me to unremitting hatred. Mute and block will be my saviours”

21 February “Notice that fake accusation about me – they believe their own propaganda”

21 February 2020 “That by continuing to discuss the evidence in a reasonable and balanced manner causes so much anger to the #antipsychiatry mob is reason enough to continue – existence is an act of resistance against hatred”

23 February 2020 “Nothing to stop him buying my book. ‘Won’t buy’ suggests either a disinclination to have an accurate view of the evidence or a personal animosity towards me . . .”

23 February 2020 “Now I am going to be muting you [————] but if I find you calling into question my honesty again I will be having words with you”

26 February 2020 “The hubris is yours – there is nothing hubristic in pointing out science . . .”

26 February 2020 “Actually you will find any decent psychiatry Textbook does . . . Also my book does – you should read it”

27 February 2020 ” I devote significant time and effort in teaching junior doctors in our local region and via Twitter and my Book an accurate picture of reailty”

28 February 2020 “[————–] is wrong not for the first time . . . only those who insist agree with this fiction”

29 February 2020 “‘Mad in America’ yup, antipsychiatry fact-free zone”

29 February 2020 “I’ve made it! Saw my first ‘Huda (2019)’ in the reference list of a student assignment today”

2 March 2020 “My Twitter appetite is never sated.”

Friday 6th March 2020, a Twitter exchange with a fellow NHS Psychiatrist:

NHS Psychiatrist: I wonder if the resistance and rebellion is not against the theoretical ideal of medical model but rather how psychiatry operates in practice. At times it leaves a lot to be desired.

Samei Huda: I think there are two types People with bad experiences and antipsychiatry professionals who have multiplied interests in being antipsychiatry

NHS Psychiatrist: There may even be some overlap. Personally I’m becoming increasingly disillusioned by the ever increasing chasm between the care I would like to provide and reality of what can be afforded by the NHS.

Samei Huda: Also a primitive splitting form antipsychiatry professionals – psychiatry bad so we must be good

NHS Psychiatrist:: Today I feel very much a part of the evil camp. I’m attending human rights training for another role I hold. I do wonder when as a profession we stop being defensive and admit that many of our current practices are wrong.

Samei Huda: Well I think we do try to be self-critical compared to many of our medical colleagues And the behaviour of antipsychiatry professionals is highly unpleasant- defending racism, trying to silence people they disagree with etc

NHS Psychiatrist:: We may be trying and yet the outcomes of those efforts still don’t deliver across the board. Just because other disciplines have their own scandals it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive to get our own house in order.

Samei Huda: Yes I’m all for self-improvement because stasis is death but we need to base it on accuracy and not the falsehood of antipsychiatry professionals

NHS Psychiatrist: My concern is that our practice is at times at odds with what wider world considers ethically sound. I’m also worried that we are quick to label those voices as ‘antipsychiatry’ and dismiss them.

SameiHuda: Ok but the antipsychiatry professionals are really that. And if anything when it comes to them we are too passive Having been on the thick end of their unpleasant unethical behaviour

NHS Psychiatrist: I think we look at different things. Personally I’m less preoccupied by people being unpleasant on Twitter and more with human rights violations happening in psychiatric hospitals, on our watch.

Samei Huda: We also have a duty to challenge greatly inaccurate info that is given to the public by antipsychiatry professionals

Samei Huda: And their motivations are often in some way self interest

NHS Psychiatrist: We have power as a profession and should in my opinion focus on using it to improve care and not continuously engage in fights to protect it from antipsychiatry.

NHS Psychiatrist: Being philosophical about it I think all humans are self-serving, the degree varies. There are plenty of examples of psychiatrists putting corporate or financial interests ahead of those of patients so this is another glass house for us not to throw stones in.

Samei Huda: This is after 9 but it’s an important point – you imply I should turn the other cheek to problematic behaviour on race and professionals defending racist attacks on me. I will never do so

NHS Psychiatrist: I’m not asking you to. Rather inviting to broaden the conversation beyond your individual experience and towards what’s happening to vulnerable people we are supposed to be serving.

Samei Huda: After 9 again but that exactly what you are saying. That’s highly offensive.

NHS Psychiatrist: I’m sorry that you have felt offended it wasn’t my intention.

Samei Huda: After 9 again – it may not be your intention but I think you should be reflecting on the nature of what you are saying – BME people should ignore problematic behaviour on race and professionals defending racist attacks on them because you think other things are more important.

Anna Rebowska: Thank you for this invitation. I will reflect in how I came across. My concern is that this conversation narrowed on those problematic behaviours and not on the wider picture. Human rights issues I talk about incorporate discrimination.

5 March 2020 “Should I waste time arguing with the prejudiced?” Followed up by: “I have already put this into action this morning, muting some chancer rather than continuing fruitless back and forth”

7 March 2020 “It takes two to take me on about diagnosis and they still lose”

11 March 2020: “ [——————-] called me arrogant just because I know more about medical and psychiatric diagnostic constructs – his ego couldn’t take it.”

15 March 2020 “There’s someone talking mince and nonsense but it’s not me. By the way I expect you to have read a general medical textbook the next time you comment on psychiatry as without that knowledge you have little authority.”

16 March 2020 “Apparently the reviewer was as excited as waiting for a Star Wars movie for my book . . .”

28 March 2020 “You have an inaccurate knowledge and conception of psychiatry -my book examines the evidence behind your claims about diagnosis and the evidence contradicts you.”

28 March 2020 “The more accurate my points the greater hate I attract”

28 March 2020: “Note to antipsychiatrists – you aren’t Mandela and you’re not Gandhi either.” [Dr Annie Hickox responds: “It’s not hate, its ignorance.”]

6 April 2020: “‘Wrong again [————-]’ would be your nickname”

6 April 2020: “[the data] shows that in most things you are ‘wrong again’ plus philosophy too”

7 April 2020: “Actually it is a remarkably silly comment and only convincing to those with little understanding”

7 April 2020: “[You should] publish articles less influenced by ideology and more influenced by accurate analysis of the data” followed by this further Tweet to the same individual (a highly respected academic who had built a tree-house for his children): “Whilst [————–] is spending days doing DIY I’m still seeing patients . . . my job as a clinician gives me real world experience that allows me to interpret the research data better than this ideologue with an axe to grind”

16 April 2020: “More rubbish from this ill informed account (and don’t get me started on their morality!) – antipsychotics reduce mortality over all; mortality gap seems to be due to smoking related disease, doctors not recognising and treating physical health problems properly and suicide”

Twitter exchange between Dr Annie Hickox, Dr Samei Huda, Dr George Dawson and Erica Cule, 18 April, 2020:

Dr Annie Hickox: “I don’t think criticals understand . . . they seem to inhabit a LaLa land . . . Most criticals have little or no NHS experience, and it shows.”

Dr Samei Huda: “A lot of them ran away from NHS practice as it was incompatible with their ideology”

Dr George Dawson, MD: “criticals” <- great shorthand!”

Erika Cule: “I’m not sure it’s great because it implies that anything other than critical might be ‘uncritical psychiatry’ which sounds somewhere between unwise and dangerous.”

18 April 2020 Samei Huda: “Pure moonshine from this bunch of chancers This organisation is full of professionals pushing their own vested interests”

19 April 2020 “[———–] getting it wrong is not news: it’s their default state”

20 April 2020, Dr Huda on somebody he disagrees with “I think what [——–] is doing, is what therapists call ‘projection'”.

23 April 2020 “It was unadulterated mince . . . [———-] talks a lot of mince so his book is likely to be also. I just find him painful . . .”

23 April 2020, Dr Huda: “[I have] an accurate knowledge of concepts and the evidence old boy”

24 April 2020, Dr Huda to a junior doctor working in psychiatry: “You are unaware how unprofessional you were”

24 April 2020, Dr Huda: “[—————–] likes to portray himself as a martyr when he is the perpetrator”

24 April 2020, Dr Huda about another doctor: “I can see why you never see anything wrong with his behaviour. Wilful blindness.”

24 April 2020, Dr Huda: “As medical doctor [Dr —————-] has a code of behaviour to adhere to which he breached. So yup go ahead and blame me for him behaving badly”

24 April 2020 Dr Tyler Black, MD: “Yeah, this Trainee should be talked to. Kudos to you Samei for standing up to this reckless Twitter account. I hope he learns and changes”

25 April 2020, Dr Huda: “I’m enjoying my day despite the best efforts of the haters”

25 April 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “See my Twitter timeline for a more accurate account”

25 April 2020, Dr Huda to ‘Antipsychiatrists’: “your unprofessional and hurtful comments should get you into trouble . . .”

25 April 2020, Dr Huda: “It is really funny seeing the hypocrisy of the antipsychiatry crowd that hate me .  .  . they cross the road to have a fight with me.”

25 April 2020, Dr Huda: “Who needs facts when you can have hate”

2 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “I think [——————-} has an elliptical relationship with accuracy and the truth – he may approach it at times but does he ever contact it?”

2 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda “They are excelling themselves in the rubbish that they write”

5 May 2020 “There is not a scientist of quality in [——————-] . . .”

5 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “Siri show me who is someone who is so fixed on a belief that they cannot recognise rotten cherry picking, bad faith arguments and invalid arguments”

8 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda “sadly [————-] persists with very imbalanced presentations of the evidence – he makes his mind up first then tries to panel beat the evidence to fit his views”

9 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “Their antipathy to evidence and addiction to empty rhetoric”

9 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “They can get in the bin”

9 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “ . . . the antipsychiatry crowd” “. . . its kind of hard when they label on the abuse” [perhaps Dr Huda meant to write ‘ladle’]

9 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “Ah, another account I muted – quite a few. There does seem a double standard with Twitter manners”

10 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “They are neither use nor ornament” [This Tweet by Dr Huda refers to APPG members involved in looking into prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal]

10 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “And they are bad scientists not only in the quality of their methodology but the hostile way they attack people who point out their flaws” [This Tweet by Dr Huda also refers to APPG members involved in looking into prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal] Professor Rob Howard then asks “Do they do useful public service?” Dr Huda replies “Ff course not”

11 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda: “And how will misinformation the stock and trade of [—————-] make peoples lives better? . . . Stop the self-aggrandising mince [———–]” [This Tweet by Dr Huda also refers to APPG members involved in looking into prescribed drug dependence and withdrawal]

12 May 2020, Dr Samei Huda “I see the lynch mob are out again and being hypocritical. Nothing better to be expected from them”

Dr Annie Hickox, 14 May 2020:

We should all be reporting any Twitter account that we feel is causing psychological harm, whether to service users or health professionals.”

Dr Samei Huda, 15 May 2020: “Your lack of comprehension is hilarious.”

Dr Samei Huda, 16 May 2020: “You are clearly bigoted against psychiatrists. Have a nice day. Science is clearly too difficult for you”

Dr Samei Huda, 17  May 2020: “There seems to be a trend amongst white antipsychiatry psychologists to call me a “bully”. [————-]  is part of this tribe who have an unscientific attitude that their word is law and they should not be challenged. Others include [————]”

Samei Huda, 17  May 2020: “Poor [————–] he regards pointing out what he’s got wrong as ridicule but unfortunately it happens a lot. A good scientist should not attach ego to their ideas so they can change them with the evidence. As [————–] attaches a great deal of ego to his ideas he thinks refutation is bullying”

Section TWO: Comments about Dr Samei Huda’s behaviour and language

Made openly on social media by a range of individuals:

At first glance it can appear unfair that the comments made about Dr Samei Huda are not attributed in the same way as the previous section. The main reason behind this approach is that, if an organisation such as the RCPsych wishes to aspire to being the arbiter of professionalism, and to assume the position of power that comes with this role, then that organisation and its represenatives must be willing to be held publicly accountable when they are perceived to depart from the values they collectively espouse.

“This high profile psychiatrist publicly insults clinicians who stand up for rights.”

“I’m quite shocked by the immaturity of his behaviour.”

“He’s discrediting himself and his profession.”

“Dr Huda somehow tweets 25 hours a day. Someone should do a study.”

“Many will attest to his unprofessional conduct on Twitter. He brings his whole profession into disrepute.”

“Dr Huda’s favourite method, with people he disagrees with, is to demean, belittle and insult them.”

“Dr Huda is one of the most divisive figures on Twitter, he manipulates situations for his own ends, and people fall for it.”

“Why doesn’t President Wendy Burn and the Royal College of Psychiatrists put a stop to this person’s bullying and abusive behaviour?”

“When I was mocked and ridiculed (which you found funny) you talked about antipsychiatrists professionals? What was so funny about someone trivializing what I’m going through?”

“Attacking psychiatric survivors and reform-oriented clinicians on twitter during a pandemic is poor form.”

“Mute, block, ignore: [Dr Huda will do] anything but engage with harmed patients and get real”

“Dr Huda has the full support of his colleagues in psychiatry, on Twitter at least. He causes pain and suffering to patients on Twitter by his behaviour and seems to enjoy it. I fear he must do the same in clinical practice.”

“@SameiHuda time now to all move beyond ‘us and them’ thinking and Be Kind

“Dr Huda never fails to try and score points . . . his spitefulness [during this time of a world-wide pandemic] is astonishing”

“My thoughts are with his poor patients… ”

“You seem to have a lot of time to bully people on Twitter”

“You would hope he treats his patients better than he treats other people on twitter, but I would not bet on it.”

“Dr Huda is always on the defensive and attacking good people”

“Dr Huda, why so angry?”

“Dr Huda is a very angry man and has to take out on patients and professionals alike”

“He is the angry man of Twitter defensive and lashing out at anyone who crosses his path.”

“Having no valid argument in response, you result in personal insults, how mature of you, I hope your patients are reading your twitter feed.”

“[Dr Huda] you are about the first to ridicule others, to throw insults at them and to mock them. In my opinion you are a prime cyber bully”

“Dr Huda is one nasty consultant. Imagine how his patients are treated? God help them if they dare question anything to do with their health”

“Dr Huda’s online conduct is an embarrassment to his profession”

“With each tweet he builds a case against himself.”

“Months ago I contacted the Royal College of Psychiatrists about this. They’re not professional gate keepers or they’d reprimand/suspend membership for social behaviour [that regularly departs from ‘College Core Values’] ”

“It is clear that the Royal College endorses shameful, bullying behaviour, we conclude that they have very low standards of conduct for their members.”

“Please can someone of authority remind Dr Huda of his online conduct & his responsibilities.”

“Dr Huda personally attacks and denigrates almost anyone who disagrees with him. The implication, then, is that his behaviour is considered responsible and acceptable to the psychiatric establishment.”

“How can psychiatry’s gatekeepers turn a blind eye to this college members’ abusive behaviour towards marginalized demographic?”