No.1 Shrub Place

From No.1 Shrub Place, Edinburgh, a dynasty of gardeners grew.

No.1 Shrub Place was where Melville Christie and his wife Jane raised their family.

Melville Christie was employed as a gardener for Edinburgh. Lifelong, this was his vocation.

Melville and Jane had many children, three of whom became gardeners. Their youngest son William went on to be appointed as head gardener for the Stirling family of Kippenross.

Kippenross is an ancient estate through which the Allan Water flows. Here you will find the Wharry Glen, and just beyond, Drumdruills, my grandfather’s orchard. The ancient ‘Darn road’ stitches them together:

Margaret, David, James and Patrick. You will read as a list names. Naturally so.

Margaret, David, James and Patrick: four children who died within days of each other in the year of 1877. Grandchildren of No.1 Shrub Place.

No.1 Shrub Place: a place leeward and winward of skies and gusts of time.