Dr Mark Bolstridge on First Do No Harm

Contributions made to social media by Dr Mark Bolstridge. The full and necessary context for all of these contributions can be found on the author’s twitter timeline  where he introduces himself as follows:  “Forensic mental health doctor. Last year of junior doctoring.”

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist  [23 May 2019] in response to research on patients longterm experiences of antidepressants, including physiological dependence and significant and disabling withdrawal effects “Thats fine if you want to adopt the lay description and ignore the science.” Dr Bolstridge then shares the ‘experience’ of rats used in scientific studies on antidepressants.

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist [29 May 2020] “I really dont think you have a true appreciation of how these things work. In clinical practice a small proportion of folk suffer withdrawal from antidepressants” [This was Dr Bolstridge’s reply to a father whose son had suffered terrible and protracted withdrawal effects from an antidepressant]

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist [22 August 2019] in relation to an article on antidepressants, dependence and withdrawal: “Should trainee psychiatrists believe anything written by members of the Council for Evidence Based Psychiatry [CEP]. Discuss? “

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist [6 Sept 2019] sarcastically: “No I trust the prescribed harmed community much more”. This was in relation to research that considered drug-induced akathisia and sucidality.

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist[2 Oct 2019] “The Council for Extraordinary Propaganda strikes again. Exterminate Exterminate”

Dr Bolstridge to a fellow trainee UK Psychiatrist [4 Feb 2020]: “You need some Stahl in your life so as to understand basic psychopharmalogical agents’ modes of action.” [Professor Stephen Stahl has recieved more payments from the Pharmaceutical Industry than perhaps any other doctor in the world. His influence extends to the UK where he is paid to market new drugs to UK Psychiatrists. You can read some of this here]

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist [22 May 2020] – in reference to Professor Guy Goodwin: “Complete master of his craft, a psychopharmacological wizard” [This tweet has been included here because Prof Guy Goodwin was the doctor/academic/researcher that BBC Panorama chose to feature in relation to his extensive paid work for Industry]

Dr Mark Bolstridge, Trainee Psychiatrist [13 Dec 2019] “Lol Big Pharma Conspiracies are on a par with the Illuminati, 9/11 deniers, New World Order conspiracies, David Icke reptilians and other mass delusions” [Dr Bolstridge may like to aquaint himself with this evidence on UK Psychiatry and Industry.]

Richard Smith, former Editor of the BMJ: 

“Psychiatry seems to have lost its way… The response should not be to refuse to listen to criticisms… but to listen to and use them as a stimulus to deep examination of current practice.” 

Comments about Dr Mark Bolstridge’s behaviour and language on social media by a range of individuals:

If an organisation such as the RCPsych wishes to aspire to being the arbiter of professionalism, and to assume the position of power that comes with this role, then that organisation and its representatives must be willing to be held publicly accountable when they are perceived to depart from the values they collectively espouse.

“Ah there he is again, our lovely bully” [a comment about Dr Bolstridge by a fellow mental health professional]

“Dr Bolstridge fails to comprehend the pain we feel when reading his comments”

“I find Dr Bolstridge’s so called sense of humour appalling, his repeated sarcastic remarks juvenile, but of course I am a mere patient and clearly I must be the problem.”

“If he isn’t s insulting and mocking people, his life is incomplete . . . thinks he’s witty and clever”

“Worrying when someone who does this is in a position of trust ”