I have a question about Duty of Candour

This post considers the question that  Maree Todd, MSP, asked at this Parliamentary committee.

As an NHS employee of 25 years I will close this post with a similar question.

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (1)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (2)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (3)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (4)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (5)

The role of prescribed persons from omphalos

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (6)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (7)

Shona Robison Paul Gray NHS Scotland (8)

My question:
Is there any reason why Government officials (elected or otherwise) should not be included in Duty of Candour legislation?

When you say I like biscuits (nuces philosophicae)

Nuces philosphicae – the study of the philosophy of words.

This film was inspired by the 200th anniversary of the Scotsman newspaper on the 25th January 2017.

As a child I observed with feeling. But I lacked words. I was considered backward by teachers.

I end this film with Sian who has revealed so much to me about the wonder of language.

Music credits:

Chilly Gonzales and Jarvis Cocker, from the album ‘Room 29’

(1) Interlude 2 (5 hours a day)
(2) Room 29 (Reprise)

Abergeldie castle: so nearly lost

I am sharing the following images of Abergeldie castle in advance of a series of films.

In my proposed films I intend to share the same film track but to radically vary the soundtrack.

001-abergeldie 002-abergeldie 003-abergeldie 004-abergeldie 005-abergeldie 006-abergeldie 007-abergeldie 008-abergeldie 009-abergeldie 010-abergeldie 011-abergeldie 012-abergeldie 013-abergeldie 014-abergeldie 015-abergeldie 016-abergeldie 017-abergeldie 018-abergeldie 019-abergeldie 020-abergeldie 021-abergeldie 022-abergeldie 023-abergeldie 024-abergeldie 025-abergeldie 026-abergeldie 027-abergeldie 028-abergeldie 029-abergeldie 030-abergeldie 031-abergeldie 032-abergeldie 033-abergeldie 034-abergeldie 035-abergeldie 036-abergeldie 037-abergeldie 038-abergeldie 039-abergeldie 040-abergeldie 041-abergeldie 042-abergeldie 043-abergeldie 044-abergeldie 045-abergeldie 046-abergeldie 047-abergeldie 048-abergeldie 049-abergeldie 050-abergeldie 051-abergeldie 052-abergeldie 053-abergeldie 054-abergeldie 055-abergeldie 056-abergeldie 057-abergeldie 058-abergeldie 059-abergeldie 060-abergeldie 061-abergeldie 062-abergeldie 063-abergeldie 064-abergeldie 065-abergeldie 066-abergeldie 067-abergeldie 068-abergeldie 069-abergeldie 070-abergeldie 071-abergeldie 072-abergeldie 073-abergeldie


Is it time itself that we mourn?

Polmaise castle is a pile of stones: little more than rubble in a dense forest.

About this time last year:
We looked at the map.
There was so much that we could not place.
This did not matter.
We sought adventure [on our Sunday off]
We got completely lost amidst the rhoddies and the trees:
In our adventure we came to wonder if both the ‘start’ and the ‘finish’ were some kind of circular?
A walker-by, who told us how he had enjoyed childhood adventure on Gillies Hill, kindly guided us to the rubble of Polmaise castle

Polmaise castle was blown up as I was conceived. Now all that survives is the rubble and the broken doorway. A collapsed doorway just as it fell: accidentally dividing 18 from 65. It occurs to me that these numbers are generally considered as being ‘landmarks’ of human age.

Is it time itself that we mourn from omphalos on Vimeo.