Cammo Estate

It was guid to see Cammo Estate as “walk of the week” in today’s Scotland on Sunday. I have made a few films on Cammo.

And the artist . . .

Yesterday I met up with a musician in the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. But first of all I went to say hello to Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson. His bust was … Continue reading And the artist . . .


The Swedish poet, Tomas Tranströmer, in a Transatlantic letter to his friend Robert Bly, expressed concern about a human failing to always polarise everything into utter good or utter evil: … Continue reading Polarization

‘Dig the grave and let me lie’

On the early morning of Sunday 7th May 2017, I set off to visit ‘Stank’. I was looking for the ruined mausoleum to Lord Esher. The Stank Mausoleum was built in … Continue reading ‘Dig the grave and let me lie’

A ‘mytholm’

Ted Hughes described a ‘mytholm’ as meeting of streams. This film is about such a meeting. Where the Allan Water goes Forth. I dedicate this film to my “Grumpa” Rab … Continue reading A ‘mytholm’

Histories never end, but go on living in their consequences

This film is based upon Cammo House, at least what is left. Robert Louis Stevenson has stated that the “House of Shaws” in Kidnapped was based on Cammo House on … Continue reading Histories never end, but go on living in their consequences

The Temple of Decision

Yesterday, when I chatted with Onesiphorus  in the “Temple of Decision” he asked me if ethics had perhaps been overlooked by rather too much of “modern science”?  

“A person centred tool”

In a previous post I drew attention to the increasingly mechanical language of Health Improvement. This current post starts with recent communication by National Health Improvement Leads in Scotland: One of my … Continue reading “A person centred tool”

Gilbert’s brilliant piece of theatre

From Little Genetics to Big Genomics In 1992, at the start of the surprisingly short decade-long march towards the sequencing of the human genome, one of its key initiators, geneticist … Continue reading Gilbert’s brilliant piece of theatre

Gilbert Farie Re-visited

Reply to the Editorial: Has psychopharmacology got a future? The British Journal of Psychiatry (2011) 198: 333-335. Film version of ‘Gilbert Farie Re-visited’: Yes, psychopharmacology has a future.[1]  I … Continue reading Gilbert Farie Re-visited