The Bridge of Allan apothecary that is one of my pseudonyms.

And the artist . . .

Yesterday I met up with a musician in the National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh. But first of all I went to say hello to Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson. His bust was … Continue reading And the artist . . .


The Swedish poet, Tomas Tranströmer, in a Transatlantic letter to his friend Robert Bly, expressed concern about a human failing to always polarise everything into utter good or utter evil: … Continue reading Polarization

They don’t make days like they used to

This film is for Sally Scott, my great-great aunt, who died on the 24th April 2018. Music credits: (1) Superorganism – recorded live, Tiny Desk Concert (2) Inspiral Carpets – … Continue reading They don’t make days like they used to

He’s an elemental air-spirit

This post considers Ariel from The Tempest through the retelling of ‘The Fletcher Correctional Players’.   One of my alter-ego’s is the hunched pharmacist Gilbert Farie:

“I wish to be independent”

The latest film by Omphalos is a “two culture” film. There are of course many more  than two cultures, as Ian Hamilton Finlay rightly pointed out: This film is for James … Continue reading “I wish to be independent”

Gilbert was the most eminent

This post refers to Walter Gilbert. I have deliberately morphed him into Gilbert Farie. This is another extract from the book by the biologist, Steven Rose and the sociologist, Hilary … Continue reading Gilbert was the most eminent

Gilbert’s brilliant piece of theatre

From Little Genetics to Big Genomics In 1992, at the start of the surprisingly short decade-long march towards the sequencing of the human genome, one of its key initiators, geneticist … Continue reading Gilbert’s brilliant piece of theatre