This is a series of ‘pictorials’ that I have made out of chunks of text from the wonderful book ‘Genes, Cells and Brains’ by Hilary & Steven Rose. It is a book that i would recommend to all.

Prince Peter Kropotkin

Marx and Engels in their commentary on Darwin spoke of his materialism as ‘mechanical’, to be distinguished from their own dialectical and historical materialism. The supernatural, and hence religious belief, … Continue reading Prince Peter Kropotkin

Shelley’s Frankenstein

Mary Shelley’s unforgettable creation of Frankenstein’s monster. Her book, first published in 1818, was however profoundly critical of the amoral character of science and scientists; she saw the horrors committed … Continue reading Shelley’s Frankenstein

The panglossian paradigm

The most intense debates, however, continue to address the same questions that troubled Darwin, who emphasised that natural selection is not the only mechanism for evolutionary change. For him, sexual … Continue reading The panglossian paradigm

The holus-bolus of Dobzhansky and Craddock

Meanwhile the synthesis of genetics and evolutionary theory was proving increasingly powerful, summed up by the population geneticist Theodosius Dobzhansky in 1950 as ‘nothing in biology makes sense except in … Continue reading The holus-bolus of Dobzhansky and Craddock

The paradigm was beginning to fall apart

As the geneticist and sequencer Eric Lander realised, the limits to what the HGP might reveal about human nature, either in general or specifically, have been strikingly exposed over the … Continue reading The paradigm was beginning to fall apart