The son of a Bank Manager

I am:fairmilehead-branch-04This was my father’s Branch at Fairmilehead, Edinburgh:dads-bank-fairmilehead-edinburghThis is my father Alan Stuart Gordon:alan-stuart-gordonThis was his certificate for:fairmilehead-branch-08Alan Stuart Gordon was also:fairmilehead-branch-04Here is his father Henry Mungall Gordon (with flower in lapel and cap in hand):henry-gordon-and-friends-at-the-forthThis was Henry Gordon’s certificate for:fairmilehead-branch-11Back then it was considered that:fairmilehead-branch-03We used to have savings books like this:fairmilehead-branch-10And Bank Managers were more than just detached officials:fairmilehead-branch-09By chance I was passing my father’s old Bank on the 30th November 2016:fairmilehead-branch-06I noticed that it was boarded-up and for sale. Being sold the very moment I was passingfor-sale-30th-nov-2016