The anatomy of emotion

Marischal College, Aberdeen, where Sian and Peter, and their respective classes, (‘Class of 1988’ and ‘Class of 1990’), studied in their pre-clinical years of medicine.

The idea behind this film is a journey: from inside-to-outside and outside-to-inside.

This film asks of a wider ask: that we might perhaps consider what some philosophers have termed as ‘pluralistic science’.

I often invoke such a pluralistic approach to understanding in my films and writings: a naturalistic approach to science, that philosophers generally argue, should not so easily  separate subjectivity from ‘objectivity’.

The Arts and the Sciences might do better if they were to hold hands together [metaphorically Sian and Peter, or if you like, Peter and Sian]

Omphalos  and Hole Ousia.


A post-script film: about white coats: