Films about LOVE

Gregory’s Girl:

Write about love:


Mrs Picken:

a rain-faded notice pinned upon a gate:

And colours are drama:

Over the hills to school:

Goodbye to all that:


Dead slow:

The world is beautiful:

Sassa and Volta:

Salina and Speedy:

The Literature and the Science:

Personal realilty:

Now through my window:

The great Theorem of the Liveableness of Life:

Bring them all along:

So to speak:

In the middle:

In the middle from omphalos on Vimeo.

Learning to love like this:

Infinite and wonderful:

Imagine being a colour and a feeling:

Taut I taw a puddy cat:

Running on the spot:

Jeely Piece:

I like it when you call me Mr Scott:

All wrapped up the same: the Woodside Hotel:

Lecropt: Ten Summers Fade:

See Great Art From Around The World:

Gently out of time:

Paestum Followed:

Over here:

My notebook will be better than a doctor:

Sunshine bouquet:

Beautiful summer:

Land of my fathers:

I know I can:

The City is yours:

The brig that spans the Wharry:

It was approaching the end of June:

Rachel at Paestum:

They don’t make days like they used to:

The little things that count:

To be humbled:

We stopped listening and kept on leaping:

This isn’t a new note, though it’s new to you:

A day purer and more brilliant than any that had preceded it:

Under the vast Andalusian skies:

Ursine familiars:


Room under my umbrella:

This is your country:

Wheesht to your omphaloi:

Somewhere on the other side of the afternoon’s horizon:

Green grow the rashes o’:

The beginning of wisdom:

Together we are an endless conversation:

Being here and now and together:


In the language of angels: