Films about GARDENS

I don’t just go for the light:

Said the gardener:

reaching like a sweet pea for the sun:

so alive:

Pereunt et Imputantur:

Everything is growing in our garden:

Say that I’m a rainbow:

Sensitive to social geography:

Pinces Street Gardens:

Charlotte Square:

HOPE Nurseries:

A SECRET garden:

A gentle gardener:

The Giant’s Garden:

Tillybin (gars my spirits grow):

The Great Garden:

Mossgrove – a roadside garden:

A whole garden made out of love:

The garden moved in the breeze:

A faint sketch, a mess of corrections and a few patches of colour:

Dawdle to sniff the beauty of the world:

The well-tempered garden:

The manner of what we make defines us:

Become a friend of:


being here and now and together:

little by little:

Near my dear home there’s a garden:

Gartshore Garden Party:

Return to the seed:

this space:

COREHOUSE [memory in its pause:

The Sky belongs to us all:

dazed and changed and happy:

Reunion at Rouken Glen: