Films about EDINBURGH

These films are for my mum and dad.

Mrs Picken, an elderly widow, who day after day, year after year, left an apple on her window-sill for me as I delivered her daily paper. She lived in Colinton:

A newspaper boy:

A tribute to the poet Robert Fergusson (1750-1784):

In Canongate, Edinburgh, opposite the statue to Robert Fergusson:

When in Edinburgh I like to sit on the bench beside Robert Fergusson:

Allan Ramsay’s House – 153 High Street, Edinburgh:

Playhouse Close, Canongate – the ‘cradle of the legitimate drama’ in Edinburgh:

Scottish vocalist:

Shakespeare Square, Edinburgh:

Jessie Lennox of Morningside, who lived to be 103 years old. In her life she was friends with Florence Nightingale and David Livingstone:

Candia McWilliam’s wonderful phrase:

Craigiehall temple, Edinburgh:

James Clerk Maxwell. The notion:

James Clerk Maxwell. Laws:

Alexander McCall Smith. The Great Tapestry of Scotland:

Past and Present (to catch the watcher’s eye):


Steps atween Auld Reekie and Glasgae:

Walter Scott:

The Rebel Antiquary:

Edinburgh Police Boxes:

Warriston Cemetery – ‘Tomb of the Red Lady’:

Andrew Gordon running in Edinburgh’s half-marathon:

Robert Louis Stevenson. This plethora of detail:

Francis Seymour Haden. ‘Labour of omission’:

Mary Brooksbank – inscribed into Iona marble on the Scottish Parliament wall:

The Scottish Parliament. Peter introduces his Sunshine Act:

‘Balansnummer’ a ‘balancing act’. Tomas Tranströmer’s poem is partly a protest poem against the prevailing approach:

Mither, yer oor sunshine:

Bring me sunshine:

Monument to the Political Martyrs’:

Mavisbank. Repeats its Love:


Edinburgh and 365 days to the ‘Indy Ref’: seeking enlightenment:

Constitution Street:

Cammo – I want to be part of history:

Cammo – Histories never end, but go on living in their consequences:

The well-tempered garden:

Dr Samuel Brown (1817-1856). Stars have shone:

Dr Samuel Brown. When science is great enough:

Dr Samuel Brown. The catalytic action of his mere presence:

Dr Samuel Brown. Equally at home:

Dr Samuel Brown.Illumination of the world:

Hermits and Termits:

Prodromus. Dr Robert Sibbald of Kipps:

Baron Grantley of Edinburgh. Albyn’s Anthology:

That moment [3rd from left, back row]:

A visit to Edinburgh:

Bute House, Charlotte Square:

Charlotte Square:

‘Traditionalism: Edinburgh’s dilemma’:

Wrecking Edinburgh:

Dawdle to sniff the beauty of the world:

Princes Street Gardens:

The texture of time:

Patrick Geddes. By living we learn:

Patrick Geddes. To feel the wider life of Art:

William Henry Playfair:

Wilfred Owen. Craiglockhart:

Methven Simpson, Princes Street:

Edinburgh College of Art:

Weather bomb.

Murrayfield stadium, Saturday 24th February 2018:

Rockville, Napier Road, Edinburgh. Left-behind gateway:

Falcon Hall: Survives as a pair of gate-posts far away:

A sign outside Carubber’s Manse, Edinburgh:

G A T E W A Y S [distressed furniture]:

Edinburgh, 2018. Beautiful summer:

Scottish National Gallery:

I had a project as a tiny boy:

Allan Ramsay’s House:

PIPE Lane:

Gilmerton House:

ORPHAN Hospital [site of]:

The making of the future:

Due North:

Smash out into the sunshine:

She said:

The Laundry Problem:

St Leonard’s Improvement Scheme:

The Scottish National Exhibition: