Dr Knows Best

‘We have moved on’ (said Dr Knows Best):
didn’t you notice?!

Today we have targets, tooled by incentive,
and our patients are our numbered ‘partners’.
Betjeman has been realised:
not in poetry but in his warning.

We must ‘Release time to care
Illness is our paradigm.
Though (of course) we only seek health!
It is long since guid Dr Osler ‘moved on.’
and Today disorder is our norm.

‘Peter’s principle’ is that –
evidence can help inform,
but can never be sufficient amidst poverty of thought.

‘We can be certain’ said Dr Knows best:
that history is ‘irrelevant’ to science.

‘We can be certain’ said Dr Knows best:
of the boundary between ageing and illness.

And more certain still
that we are (indeed) (today) more humane.

Dr Knows Best you are a marvel!
A neuroscientific wonder.
“We have moved on”.

Footnote: I cannot properly recall when I wrote this poem. It was more than a decade ago and, at the time of writing, I was still working as an NHS doctor.

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