The EXPERT said:

This statement was recently made on social media:

“If someone cites ‘first do no harm’ to me as an argument, I immediately know they have thought very little about medical philosophy or ethics at all.”

Concerned about such a dismissive and sweeping statement made by an “Expert”, I have written a short poem. I have titled the poem: GODDAMIT!

The EXPERT said:
‘I am an EXPERT in what is right and wrong.
I am an EXPERT, literally, GODDAMIT!’

The EXPERT said:
‘Hippocrates and all his followers were wrong.’
That’s what the EXPERT said, GODDAMIT!

Alas, there was no evidence-base to support the EXPERT’S ‘Literal EXPERTNESS’.
However the EXPERT said he was right, GODDAMIT!

The title image carries a quote by Richard P Feynman.

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