Symbolic tombstones

Unfortunately Vimeo has disabled my account. My understanding is that this is because I used a song  by THE BEATLES on 3 occasions [this was in family films made in the early 2000s].

This means that the links to my films will no longer work, such that on hole ousia you will come across this image wherever a film used to be:

I have decided to leave these dead-links as symbolic tombstones to creativity banished by ‘digital bots’ deploying crude algorithms. It is the case that the richest in the world have the greatest control over these algorithms and copyright law is law.

My films are now in ‘cloud storage’ and I am happy to share direct links to them with anyone who may wish.

aye Peter

contact address:

This was how I introduced my VIMEO films:

In the making of these films I have gathered images, words, music 
and audio from a wide variety of sources. I find it is beyond me to 
remember and acknowledge each and every source and if anybody has 
any concerns please get in touch with me and I will do my best to 
rectify any omission.

My films are made out of love and fascination in my own time and 
are generally about time past. I do not make my films for 
commercial reasons and make no money out of them whatsoever.

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