“Hats off, Young Sir”

Yesterday, Dr Paul Morrison, Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacology researcher, tweeted this:

“Three cheers to Dr Samei Huda for standing up to aggressive, right-wing anti-psychiatrists, despite complaints, harassment and intimidation.”

This Tweet has had over 50 likes including many by UK mental health professionals such as Professor Louis Appleby and Dr Rajesh Mohan (both Fellows of the Royal College of Psychiatrists).

It is the case that both Dr Paul Morrison and Dr Samei Huda have had complaints made to their employers, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and to governing bodies like the GMC. I should be clear that I have been a signatory. I cannot comment for all the complaints. However the complaints that I was a signatory to related specifically to concerns that both of these psychiatrists demonstrated social media interactions that were often neither respectful nor constructive. Co-signatories included service users and professionals. Dr Morrison has stated that no complaint to his former employers was ever upheld. Dr Huda continues to describe concerns [or complaints] made about his approach to respectful and constructive debate as “baseless”.

Last year, after nearly 25 years as a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, I resigned. I did so for two main reasons. The first related to my concerns that College ‘Core Values for Psychiatrists’ were not being followed by all UK psychiatrists. The second reason was that the Royal College of Psychiatrists has declined, at every opportunity, to support Sunshine legislation. It is my view that both are primarily matters of Governance for the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

The College is clear that it expects its Members and Fellows to follow established core values and that professionalism and ethics are core to the practice of every UK psychiatrist.

Dr Samei Huda, in his own words, can be read here

Further examples of approaches to language and communication can be read here.  Dr Morrison’s recommendation for Dr Huda to be President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists can be read here.

This archive – which appears to present a pattern of language – is based on social media comments made by UK psychiatrists.

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