Kelly’s cats

I made this film at the start of the year. It is an artistic film that considers suicide. It is also a film about all that matters to me.

Union Street Bridge, Aberdeen, is known for its iron cats. They are known as “Kelly’s cats” after the architect who designed them.

Many lost souls have taken their lives by jumping off Union Street Bridge and Kelly’s cats are the last to be there for those who have felt they had to end their lives.

I was reminded of this film by the tragic news of the suicide of Antony Schofield. Antony was tortured by unrelenting akathisia as a result of withdrawal from Seroxat (paroxetine). His elderly mother has been left heartbroken and has no support. She has lost her only son and she is in her eighties.

Let me be honest I feel considerable anger that my profession and it’s current leads seem to be demonstrating willful blindness to iatrogenic deaths like that of Antony. These senior professional and establishment figures seem to me to be as blind as Kelly’s cats. This kind of iron will is not humanity as I understand it.

[please note I follow no religion, I do not have any religious ‘belief’, and this includes psychiatry. I am just a gardener who happens to be a doctor who has faced a similar prescribed hell to Antony.]

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